Oct 24, 2022

Regulators Approve GlobalFoundries Agreement with CLF

“No one can be allowed to skirt Vermont’s critical environmental laws,” said Elena Mihaly, Vice President of CLF Vermont. “With climate impacts at our doorstep, everyone—no matter how big or powerful – should be held accountable to Vermont’s climate requirements. This agreement makes sure that GlobalFoundries does its part to reduce climate pollution, advance energy efficiency, and transition to clean, renewable energy.”

Jun 01, 2022

Community Leaders Hail Enactment of VT’s First Environmental Justice Law

“It’s past time we take a stand against environmental injustices in Vermont,” said Elena Mihaly, Vice President of CLF Vermont. “For too long, some communities have been overburdened by environmental harms like pollution or flooding, while having little access to environmental benefits, like green spaces, clean energy, and public transportation. All Vermonters have the right to decide what happens in their communities and enjoy a healthy environment, and this law is an important step towards making that a reality.”

Vermont State House
Mar 16, 2022

Environmental Groups Ask EPA to Fix Vermont’s Clean Water Enforcement Challenges

“The ongoing turf war between these two state agencies is harming water quality in Vermont,” said Elena Mihaly, Vice President of CLF Vermont. “Farmers have made great progress reducing pollution from their properties, but that progress is being hindered by this irreparable bureaucratic conflict. The Agency of Natural Resources should be solely responsible for overseeing the Clean Water Act, and we’re asking the EPA to make sure that happens.”

Feb 21, 2022

Officials Deny GlobalFoundries Effort to Become its Own Utility

“The PUC made the right call today,” said Chase Whiting, CLF Vermont staff attorney. “Allowing GlobalFoundries to skirt the state’s climate laws would set us back years in reaching our pollution reduction goals. This would be nothing more than an illegal loophole for a wealthy corporation, and officials saw right through it.”

Dec 01, 2021

Vermont Releases Climate Action Plan

“The climate crisis is putting Vermont’s communities at risk as we speak,” said Elena Mihaly, Vice President of CLF Vermont. “The Climate Action Plan is a huge first step in slashing polluting emissions, building smarter, and prioritizing communities overburdened by climate impacts. We’ll be pushing to make sure the implementation of the plan prioritizes cleaning up our transportation systems and transitioning to truly clean heat and electricity. Our homes, land, and critical resources can’t wait.”

Vermont's state house in autumn
Oct 18, 2021

Elena Mihaly to Lead CLF Vermont

“We’re at a critical point in determining the future of Vermont,” said Elena Mihaly, Vice President CLF Vermont. “Now is the time to do our part to slash climate emissions, prepare our communities to be resilient in the face of the climate crisis, and ensure our natural resources are protected. I’m eager to get to work leading CLF’s efforts in the State House and the courtroom here in Vermont.”

Sep 21, 2021

Coventry Landfill Ordered to Treat Runoff for PFAS

“Toxic garbage water has no place in Lake Memphremagog or any of Vermont’s waters,” said CLF attorney Peter Blair. “Landfill leachate contains a toxic soup of chemicals, including PFAS, which cause serious health issues in humans and animals. Waste companies need to take responsibility for the damage they’re causing to our waters, and this new permit is a huge step towards making that happen in Vermont.”

Aerial view of Newport Vermont.
May 17, 2021

CLF, PEER Call for Immediate Pause on Use of PFAS-Laden Pesticides

“Millions of acres across New England are being blanketed with toxic forever chemicals,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “It is all but certain that dangerous PFAS are leaching into groundwater and threatening to poison communities that depend on that water to drink. Leaders across New England need to step up and protect public health by stopping the use of PFAS-laden pesticides until we’re certain they aren’t poisoning our food and water.”