Conservation Law Foundation Renews Effort To Quash Gas Tax For Regional Pipeline

Ambar Espinoza, Rhode Island Public Radio

The Conservation Law Foundation is asking the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission to reconsider its decision not to reject a consumer tax that would help pay for natural gas pipeline expansions in the region. The PUC denied CLF’s request in September.

The project was billed as a regional solution to rising electricity costs. But since then New Hampshire and Connecticut have followed Massachusetts in dropping the project. CLF Attorney Max Greene said the state of Maine has signaled it will consider the project but only if other New England states participate.

“That at this point is looking like somewhere between extremely unlikely and impossible,” said Greene. “So given circumstances as they are right now, we read that decision as a denial or a rejection of the project.”

“It’s difficult to imagine how the [RI] Public Utilities Commission could find that the project is still viable in any way when doors have been closed in all other New England states with the exception of Maine,” said Greene.

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