Climate Lawsuit Against Shell in New Haven Moves Forward

CLF suing big oil companies across New England for climate deceit

New Haven harbor

New Haven Harbor. Photo: Christian Hinkle via Shutterstock

September 19, 2022 (NEW HAVEN, CT) — A Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) climate lawsuit against Shell Oil in New Haven will proceed to court after a federal judge rejected the company’s motion to dismiss the case. CLF is suing the oil giant for its failure to prepare its fuel storage terminals to withstand the impact of severe weather the climate crisis is already inflicting on the area. The case is one of several CLF lawsuits against big oil companies for putting communities across New England at risk of catastrophic spills and contamination.

“We will see Shell in court for putting the New Haven community in danger of life-threatening toxic spills,” said Brad Campbell, President of Conservation Law Foundation. “These fossil fuel companies have been deceiving regulators and the public about the risk of the climate crisis for years. It’s past time for them to be held accountable for putting communities and the environment in harm’s way.”

In the decision, the court found that CLF had laid out an actionable case against Shell for its failure to prepare its New Haven facilities to withstand the dangers of climate change. You can read the full decision here.

This latest ruling is another in a series of important victories in CLF’s efforts to hold fossil fuel companies across New England accountable for the effects and risks of climate change in New England. CLF has sued Exxon and Shell in two similar cases regarding facilities in Everett, MA and Providence, RI. These terminals have also failed to prepare for the impacts of the climate crisis.

CLF experts are available for further comment.