Conservation Matters Winter 2010

  • Coal at the Tipping Point
    CLF Pushes for Shutdown of Region’s Obsolete Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Progress Report: CLF Helps Coastal Communities Bring New England’s Estuaries Back to Life
    Over time, human activities have weakened and even destroyed estuaries that are crucial to maintaining our fragile ecosystems. CLF, in partnership with Restore America’s Estuaries, is working to protect and restore estuaries across New England.
  • Why I Give to CLF: Chris Morahan
    Find out how Chris Morahan maximized the impact of his gift to CLF through his employer’s matching gifts program.
  • Five Questions for … Jo Anne Shatkin
    Hear from the CEO of CLF Ventures about the work that Ventures is doing to protect New England’s environment.
  • A New Look for CLF
    John Kassel talks about why we need it and why.