The Future of Development is Community-Led

On Talbot Avenue in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, a new apartment building is bucking the gentrification trend. Developed in partnership with the people already living in the area, 191 Talbot Avenue adds 14 new homes to Dorchester’s housing stock. Rents here lock at rates below market price, allowing neighbors to stay in their community.

You Can Get There from Here

Over 40% of New England’s climate-damaging emissions billow from the exhaust pipes of our cars, trucks, semis, buses, and trains. We cannot solve climate change without cutting that pollution. And in the process, we have a unique opportunity to reimagine our region’s transportation systems as ones that are both affordable and accessible to everyone.

Investing in Change

Michele Cubelli Harris gets a new lease on life, thanks in part to CLF’s Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund

President Trump Illegally Stripped Protections for New England’s Marine Monument.

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts is the only fully protected area in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean, covering about 1 percent of New England’s waters. Fully protected means no commercial fishing, no sand and gravel mining, no oil and gas drilling, no industrial development of any kind. Free from these threats, a rich diversity of ocean wildlife…

Farmland Matters
by Laurie O'Reilly

When a sprawling development threatened an iconic patch of prime farmland, local residents stepped in to stop it.