Janet Daisley

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Janet Daisley is CLF’s Chief of Staff.  Janet’s previous roles at CLF include Senior Vice President for Special Projects and Deputy Director for Healthy and Resilient Communities. Before joining in 2018 she served as Vice President for Programs and Strategy for the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. Janet has considerable experience leading cross-sector initiatives that build workforce competence for youth and spur innovation in the nonprofit sector. Throughout her career, Janet has managed initiatives with far-reaching social impact, particularly in the areas of equity and social justice.

Janet has directed a number of major contracts and grants, including a multi-million dollar state contract to provide education and workforce training for youth in Massachusetts’ juvenile justice system. She has also served as staff to the joint committee on education for two state legislatures.

She is an engaged community member and has contributed her grantmaking experience as a volunteer member of the Town of Amherst’s Community Development Block Grant advisory committee. She recently relocated from western Massachusetts to Newburyport and spends her spare time hiking and biking throughout New England.

Janet holds a B.A. degree in Political Science from Colgate University and a Masters degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.