Moire Loftus

Foundation Relations Manager CLF Massachusetts

Moire Loftus is CLF’s Foundation Relations Manager. Prior to joining CLF in 2020, Moire worked in foundation development for Ceres, focusing on deforestation, sustainable agriculture, and water. She has also worked in foundation fundraising for the Appalachian Mountain Club and the New England Aquarium. She has prior experience in community engagement, serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer for a Massachusetts land trust. Moire is a native New Englander and has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire, as well as a Master’s in Public Policy from Northeastern University.

Recent Posts

Building Communities That Thrive: A Conversation with Dr. Thea James
In the United States, your zip code is a powerful predictor of how long you live. For someone in Newton, Massachusetts, life expectancy extends well into the 90s. But drive just an hour south to New Bedford, and you’ll find it drops to an average of just 68 years old.  It’s tempting to boil down…
Massachusetts Still Needs a Roadmap to Beat Climate Change
UPDATE: As the end of the year approaches, lawmakers are close to taking action that would protect the long-term health and safety of Massachusetts residents. The House Roadmap Bill and the Senate Climate Bill are under review in the conference committee, with legislators stitching together a critical final version to pass on to the Governor.…


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