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Environmental Justice is Racial Justice

Being an environmentalist is deeply connected to being an anti-racist. Senior Attorney Staci Rubin breaks it down.

CLF Senior Attorney Staci Rubin took to Twitter recently to talk about how environmentalism and anti-racism are connected. Where we live affects things like how much air pollution we experience every day, how long our commute is, how much open space we have access to, and whether we have access to healthy homes, nourishing food, and quality schools, she says.

And all of those factors play into health. This is especially true right now, as COVID-19 has taken a much heavier toll on communities of color, not just here in Massachusetts but throughout New England and the nation as a whole.

Decades of racist policies have gotten us here but legislation pending in Massachusetts would make environmental justice a priority in the state. 

If you live in Massachusetts, take action now to help pass this critical legislation.

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