Jul 08, 2014

Conservation Matters Summer 2014

A Natural Solution: Green Infrastructure is Transforming Stormwater Management for the 21st Century… Progress Report: Help Protect Cashes Ledge from Devastating Bottom Trawling… Why I Give: Stonyfield Farm’s Gary Hirshberg on CLF’s Impact… Five Questions for: Elena Mihaly

Jun 05, 2014

DIY Green Infrastructure

It’s tempting to leave the problem of stormwater runoff to cities, towns, and businesses. But our houses also takes away the landscape’s ability to soak up precipitation naturally. Solutions to start greening our home landscapes, however, can be as simple as buying a rain barrel and planting a rain garden.

Jun 05, 2014

A Natural Solution

CLF and our partners are championing a new approach to managing stormwater. Green infrastructure is about trying to design our built environment in a way that restores the ability of the landscape to soak up precipitation and filter out pollutants before the runoff reaches our waterways.

Apr 08, 2014

Conservation Matters Spring 2014: Year in Review

Hitting Its Stride: The Transformation of Our Energy System is Reaching its Tipping Point… Clean Solutions for Dirty Water: Stopping Nutrient Pollution from Laying Waste to Our Waterways… Pioneering Ocean Planning: Making Room for All the Fish (and More) in the Sea…Funding on the Move: Solving New England’s Transportation Puzzle… A Model Investment: Building Healthy Communities One Neighborhood at a Time

Jan 08, 2014

Conservation Matters Winter 2014

Coming Clean: CLF’s Clean Water Enforcement Project works to keep our waters healthy… Protecting Ocean Ecosystems: Habitat protection under threat in New England… Thank You to Our Generous Donors: Your support helped us reach our year-end fundraising goal… Five Questions For: Max Greene, Staff Attorney, CLF Rhode Island

Jan 05, 2014

Coming Clean

The Mystic River Watershed is the most urbanized watershed in Massachusetts – and one of the most polluted. So when a neighborhood group approached CLF in 2010 with concerns about stormwater runoff from a large scrap metal facility, we agreed to take a closer look.

Dec 08, 2013

Conservation Matters Fall 2013

Natural Gas: Friend or Foe? CLF’s work to keep gas in check… Enforcing Water Quality Standards on the Cape: CLF lawsuits spurred action on water quality… Cool Globes Exhibit in Boston: Our involvement in the public art display on Boston Common… Five Questions For: Kate Saunders, Vice President, Development

Apr 08, 2013

Conservation Matters Spring 2013: Year in Review

Ocean Habitat Protection: For the Sake of Cod & Country… Enforcing Water Quality Standards Across New England… Out with the Old, in with the New: New England is a critical moment in energy transformation… Sustainable Agriculture: Sustainable Food: Growth and Innovation

Jan 10, 2013

Caitlin Peale Sloan

Caitlin Peale Sloan is CLF’s Vice President for Massachusetts. Caitlin’s portfolio of advocacy work is primarily housed in CLF’s Clean Energy & Climate Change Program, where she advocates for an equitable transition of the fossil gas system under the Reduce Energy Demand team and leads the Advance Clean Power team in advocating for renewable energy… Continue reading Caitlin Peale Sloan

Dec 08, 2012

Conservation Matters Fall 2012

Cleaning Boston’s Water: CLF’s Landmark Settlement… On the Anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene: The Untold Stories of What Went Right… Five Questions for: Jenny Rushlow, Staff Attorney, Massachusetts CLF