After Feedback From Small Farms, State Delays New Water Quality Standards

Peter Hirschfeld, Vermont Public Radio

Rebekah Weber, the Lake Champlain Lakekeeper at the Conservation Law Foundation, says CLF also is disappointed by the delay. Weber says the organization will use the extended timeline to push for more stringent Required Agricultural Practices.

“The RAP’s list of authorized activities in buffer zones, for example, including grazing, fertilizer application and harvesting, we feel that that completely warps the definition and purpose of a buffer,” Weber says.

Weber says the proposed RAPs would also allow for continued application of manure to farm fields, even if soil tests show the ground is already saturated with nutrients.

‘If you have 20 parts per million, which demonstrates the soils are basically saturated with phosphorus, you shouldn’t be applying any more manure, period,” Weber says.

Listen to the full interview with Rebekah Weber here…

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