On COVID-19: A Letter to the CLF Community

The virus that causes COVID-19

The virus that causes COVID-19. Photo: Pixabay

In this uncertain time, I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

Here at CLF, we are taking all necessary precautions to care for our staff and their families during this unprecedented crisis. We have closed our offices and made arrangements for our team members to work remotely. We have also canceled all in-person events through the end of April.

But CLF’s advocacy has never been defined or confined by the walls of a building. We will remain tireless advocates despite the changes in our work and home rhythms and the attendant anxiety and uncertainty each of us is feeling. Our work will certainly be harder, but in many ways, it is even more vital. The health of New England and the communities we serve depends on our advancing our mission and sustaining our momentum as boldly and courageously as we can.

Understanding that community and connection are more important now than ever, we will be sure to find new ways to keep you updated and engaged with our advocates and each other. Stay tuned for more information on program updates, virtual gatherings, and events.

This pandemic has affected all of us in a significant way. But I also recognize that those of us living in communities that have been impacted by environmental injustices for decades are especially vulnerable. As the situation develops, we will continue to work with our partners, allies, and environmental justice groups to ensure everyone is safe and protected during these challenging times.

We are part of a greater community, and we must join together. I am extraordinarily grateful to you, our members and advocates, for your support. Your dedication inspires us every day and allows us to continue our fight for a healthy, thriving New England for all.

Before you go... CLF is working every day to create real, systemic change for New England’s environment. And we can’t solve these big problems without people like you. Will you be a part of this movement by considering a contribution today? If everyone reading our blog gave just $10, we’d have enough money to fund our legal teams for the next year.