May 20, 2022

President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative Promises to Tackle Climate Injustice – But It Needs to Do Better for Communities of Color

New federal and state laws and policies require government agencies to invest in environmental justice populations. The details behind these requirements must recognize the primary predictor to experience environmental burdens: race. CLF is working to ensure that government investments reach the populations who have endured the brunt of pollution and other consequences of climate change.

Joe Biden speaks to a crowd
Apr 08, 2022

Stop and Compare

This case study provides an overview of the featured partner, Stop and Compare, and the impact they expect to see on community, health and the environment. Stop and Compare is a Latinx, family-owned-and-operated supermarket business that offers high quality and diverse foods at affordable prices and is known for providing a strong cultural connection for Latinx customers.

Apr 08, 2022

Southside Community Land Trust

This case study provides an overview of the featured partner, Southside Community Land Trust, and the impact they expect to see on community, health and the environment. Southside Community Land Trust provides access to land, education and other resources so people in Rhode Island can grow food in environmentally sustainable ways and create community food systems where locally-produced, affordable and healthy food is available to all.

Jan 04, 2022

Conservation Matters: Fall 2021

CLF’s unique social investment funds flip that script. With our business, philanthropic, and community partners, we have created a national model for ensuring that change is led by the people already living in a neighborhood, united by a common vision for their future.

Jan 04, 2022

The Power of Community Investment

In the heart of Providence’s South Side, work is underway to transform a historic building into a vibrant community food hub. As one of the inaugural investments of CLF’s Healthy Retail and Commerce Fund, it will also showcase the power of social impact investing in supporting healthy, livable neighborhoods.

Southside Community Land Trust
Dec 29, 2021

HealthScore Metrics

HealthScore is a screening tool that offers a holistic and actionable vision for healthy, inclusive, and sustainable housing and mixed-use development. CLF uses HealthScore to understand neighborhood context and screen potential investments for its Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund.  Our scorecard is a model for how to measure and track the ways that real estate development… Continue reading HealthScore Metrics

CLF HealthScore
Oct 19, 2021

Southside Community Land Trust Set to Expand Programs

“Small businesses that serve low-income communities have been left to fend for themselves for too long,” said Darrèll Brown, vice president and director of CLF Rhode Island. “SCLT’s tireless work to make healthy food available to these neighborhoods is absolutely a mission worth supporting. This investment will lead to healthier communities throughout Rhode Island, which is a win for everyone.”

Oct 14, 2021

Stop and Compare Opens New Market with Funding Boost

“It’s so important that local businesses serving low-income and minority communities have access to affordable financing,” said Maggie Super Church, Vice President of Healthy and Resilient Communities at CLF. “Stop and Compare provides healthy and affordable food to communities sorely lacking these critical resources, and this loan ensures that more Lynn residents will now benefit from everything this store has to offer.”

Aug 20, 2021

Boosting Local Businesses

Small businesses and entrepreneurs form the backbones of thriving communities, and right now, they’re struggling. This is especially true in the low-income neighborhoods and communities of color hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 laid bare the profound impact that our neighborhoods have on our health. People in low-income communities of color living with higher… Continue reading Boosting Local Businesses