clean energy economy

New Law Would Create Roadmap to Reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050
by David Ismay

The 2050 Roadmap Act is a critical update to the state’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA). It will ensure Massachusetts’s nation-leading climate efforts remain tied to science while establishing a new framework for fairly and efficiently achieving our climate goals by 2050.

How to Modernize Our Electricity Grid
by Bethany Kwoka

Our electricity grid was designed over 100 years ago. But our technology has evolved since then. Clean, renewable energy from solar panels and wind turbines is available right where we live. But we need a smarter, more modern grid to make the most of it.

Mainers Want Energy Efficient and Clean Electricity
by Greg Cunningham

                Wouldn’t it be great if Maine law required that our power companies must save their customers money by investing in the cheapest form of energy, known as energy efficiency, while simultaneously ensuring that the sources of power sold in Maine increasingly come from clean, renewable energy sources?  If you agree, you are not alone.…

New Report Shows Economic, Enviro Benefits of Regional Clean Fuels Standard
by Karen Wood

A new report released today indicates that a proposed Clean Fuels Standard could significantly strengthen the economy and boost energy self-sufficiency in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic by saving Americans billions in personal disposable income, bringing in billions more for participating states, and creating up to 50,000 jobs per year. The analysis, conducted by the Northeast…