Jan 14, 2021

Governor Baker Vetoes Critical Climate Bill

“On Earth Day, we cheered as Governor Baker declared net-zero emissions by 2050 an enforceable order under the state’s landmark climate law,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “With the stroke of his veto pen, the Governor has mocked this commitment he trumpeted just nine months ago. This irresponsible veto – admittedly at the behest of special interest lobbyists – deprives the Commonwealth’s families and businesses of the tools they need to cut emissions in a just and economically beneficial way. The Governor has drastically set us back in reaching our climate goals.”

Massachusetts State House
Dec 03, 2020

What Are Climate Laws and Why Do We Need Them?

We can still avoid the worst impacts of climate change if we reach net-zero carbon pollution before 2050. We need strong climate laws in every New England state to hit that mark.

climate laws will help us transform our economy to one run on clean, renewable energy
Sep 22, 2020

With Your Help, Vermont Makes Critical Climate Progress

After months of work by Vermonters across the state – and despite a veto from Governor Scott – the Global Warming Solutions Act is now the law of the land in the Green Mountain State. This critical bill will slash carbon pollution while building resilient communities and looking after our most vulnerable neighbors.

Vermont's state house in autumn
Jan 23, 2020

MA Senate Announces Ambitious Climate Legislation

“Combatting the climate crisis is going to take everything we’ve got, and this legislation is a huge step forward,” said Alyssa Rayman-Read, Vice President and Director of CLF Massachusetts. “Getting to net-zero emissions by 2050 is an absolute necessity to protect our communities and our health. But we must hold our leaders accountable to make sure Massachusetts hits the ambitious goals laid out in the bills. We won’t be given another chance to get this right.”

The Massachusetts State House
Sep 20, 2019

Striking for Climate Action on the Anniversary of Hurricane María

As I remember the lives lost in Puerto Rico to Hurricane María, I urge you to join the millions of people on strike today demanding climate action and climate justice. We have the solutions to solve the climate crisis, but we need our political leaders to take action – now.

Youth around the country are taking to the streets to protest for climate action
Mar 05, 2019

Maine Is (Finally) Poised to Act on Climate Change

CLF’s top priority this session is an important climate bill, An Act to Limit Greenhouse Gas Pollution and Effectively Use Maine’s Natural Resources (LD 797). This bill would ensure that Maine takes action to cut carbon pollution and fight climate change, protecting families and businesses in the state from the worst effects of climate catastrophe while growing Maine’s economy.

Maine is poised to act on climate