Sep 13, 2019

Merrimack Gas Explosions: A Tragic Byproduct of Natural Gas

UPDATE: It’s the one-year anniversary of the Merrimack Valley gas explosion, and communities are still recovering from the disaster. It’s a stark reminder that we need to prioritize the health and safety of our communities, which means getting off dirty gas. Our aging gas infrastructure is expensive, leaky, and dangerous. We have cleaner, safer alternatives like electric stoves and hot water heaters ready to go. It’s time to swap out polluting gas for clean energy that doesn’t run the risk of exploding.

natural gas is a potentially dangerous fossil fuel
Aug 08, 2019

Conservation Matters Summer 2019: Year in Review

CLF succeeds because we have people like you by our side. In this special annual report issue of Conservation Matters, we are honoring just a few of our many local heroes, people who have devoted their time, energy, and passion to defending our homes, protecting our children’s health, and supporting the vibrancy of our communities.

Mar 14, 2019

Why We Don’t Need to Worry About Cold Snaps in New England

It’s hardly news that temperatures in New England drop below freezing in winter. But as CLF has long argued, we have plenty of fuel to get through even the coldest winters unscathed, without footing the bill for a polluting new pipeline. And on top of that, if we want to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change, we must stop using dirty fuels like gas altogether.

With energy supply during cold snaps under control, it’s time to focus on fighting climate change
Feb 27, 2019

Conservation Matters Winter 2019

From climate to transit, from your tap water to the ocean, and from Maine to Connecticut, CLF and New England are poised to make progress where governments falter. Turn Off the Gas Winter Snow and Ice Bring Out Big Gas’s Fearmongers. Why is the Region’s Electric Grid Operator among Them? Progress Report Clear Skies Ahead… Continue reading Conservation Matters Winter 2019

Conservation Matters Winter 2019
Jan 11, 2019

CLF Responds to Calls for More Gas Pipelines

CLF responds to a Boston Globe editorial calling for more gas pipelines at a time when emissions are rising and the negative effects of gas are abundantly clear.
Jan 09, 2019

How Much Do You Really Know About Gas?

The Big Gas industry talks about fracked gas as a “clean” alternative to polluting fossil fuels like coal or oil. But how much do we really know about it as a fuel source? Test your knowledge with this 2-minute quiz.

gas is a dangerous fossil fuel that contributes to climate change
Oct 09, 2018

Unwanted Invenergy Plant Faces Powerful Setbacks

In an unprecedented display of no confidence, our energy grid operator terminated its legal relationship with Invenergy. It’s yet another nail in the coffin on this unneeded, unwanted, fracked-gas power plant.

Proposed Invenergy plant faces powerful setbacks from our energy grid operator
Oct 04, 2018

CLF Dismisses Appeals of Gas-Fired Power Plant Permits

“The power industry tried every trick in the book to avoid the inevitable, and the state’s highest court rejected each one,” said David Ismay, Senior Attorney at CLF. “The goal of our appeals was to ensure these fossil fuel power generators would reduce their emissions year after year for the sake of our communities and the climate. And the recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling has done just that. We still have a long way to go in the fight to halt climate change and build a thriving clean energy economy, but for the time being, our work with these plants is done.”