How Much Do You Really Know About Gas?

Test your knowledge with this 2-minute quiz

gas is a dangerous fossil fuel that contributes to climate change

Gas is a dangerous fossil fuel that contributes to climate change. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The Big Gas industry talks about fracked gas as a “clean” alternative to polluting fossil fuels like coal or oil. And here in New England, it’s one of our biggest sources of energy.

But how much do we really know about it as a fuel source? How does it actually compare to coal? Does it contribute to global climate change? Is it even safe? Test your knowledge about gas in our new quiz, and bust some of the myths about this so-called “clean” fossil fuel.


For years, people talked about using gas as a “bridge” to get from polluting coal to the clean energy future our changing climate demands. But now that we’re essentially done with coal, at least here in New England – where almost all of our coal plants are shuttered – do we really need gas? Or has it become a barrier to the clean energy future we need? See if you know the answers in our 2-minute quiz. (Hint: Natural gas is a lot riskier and dirtier than Big Gas wants you to believe.)

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