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Boston City Council Passes Significant Climate Change and Wetlands Ordinance

“This rule is a critical step forward in preparing Boston for the impacts of the climate crisis we know are coming,” said Deanna Moran, Director of Environmental Planning at CLF. “Protecting natural resources does not have to come at the expense of critical climate adaptation measures, and this ordinance strikes the right balance.”

In Exeter, Another Vote for Clean Water
by Jeff Barnum

By a wide margin, the citizens of Exeter, New Hampshire, recently rejected a move to reduce the size of wetland buffers in their community. As I discussed in a recent blog, buffers are an important tool for protecting both the health of our wetlands and water quality. Considering the significant challenges facing our Great Bay…

VT Gas Pipeline – Full Environmental Review Needed
by Sandy Levine

A full environmental review is needed before Vermont Gas Systems digs up wetlands and pollutes the air. Federal law requires a full review for major projects – like pipelines – that will have significant environmental impacts. The Vermont Gas project should not be exempt from this requirement. The proposed gas pipeline planned for Addison County would…

Show your local salt marsh some love – join CLF in celebrating National Estuaries Day!
by Peter Shelley

On September 24th, the nation is celebrating National Estuaries Day. We ask you to celebrate it with us: take a walk in an estuary (and pick up any trash that you see), go to your library and read Life and Death of the Salt Marsh—a natural history classic written by CLF Board member Dr. John Teal – join an Audubon Society in your state, visit CLF’s estuaries web site page to learn about CLF’s restoration projects and support our work, teach your children about salt marshes, or just spend a sunrise looking out at the ocean over a marsh. New England is blessed by our salt marshes; take some time on September 24th to discover why.