Supreme Court Rolls Back Clean Water Act Protections

Wetlands in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via Flikr

May 25, 2023 (BOSTON, MA) – The Supreme Court rolled back critical protections under the nation’s Clean Water Act in a decision issued today. The Court placed restrictions on which wetlands are protected by the law. Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement in response to today’s news.

“As millions of Americans prepare to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend, the Supreme Court has torpedoed protections for treasured waters safeguarded by the Clean Water Act,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “The Court has commandeered the power to curtail Congress’ authority whenever it impinges on the rights of polluters and property owners. The decision is devastating not only for the environment, but also for countless families and businesses whose health, safety, and prosperity depend on wetlands for safe drinking water, flood and storm protection, and a vibrant tourism economy.”

CLF experts are available for further comment.