Mike Boyson

Donor Since 2014, Member CLF Advocates Society | Charlestown, MA

“Growing up in the Boston area, my parents always told me how disgusting Boston Harbor was and to never swim in the Charles River. Today, I am thrilled to see people enjoying these and other waters across New England. 

My father-in-law, a clean energy entrepreneur and fellow CLF supporter, introduced me to CLF. As I became more connected to the organization, I learned that CLF was the force behind cleaning up Boston Harbor. I am in awe of the hard work from every CLF advocate who played a role in restoring the harbor’s health. 

I know that today CLF advocates are fighting on every front to combat the effects of climate change, achieve net zero emissions, and protect communities across the region, and I am confident that they can achieve these goals and elevate the quality of life for every New Englander. Their approach to seek reform through the legal system is extremely effective and impactful, I know I can count on CLF to get results. 

My hope is that this next generation will be able to have a healthier planet – and to be able to swim in the Mystic River and tell the tale of how CLF advocates made it possible!”