The Barr Family

Advocates Society Members | Maine

The Barr Family

What prompted you to first give to CLF?

Many of us worry about the decisions being made in our state legislatures regarding the environment, energy policy and our natural resources. When we donate to CLF, we know our money is supporting the work of capable and effective environmental leaders. They are the watchdogs and advocates working to identify and solve the most pressing environmental issues.

Why do you continue to give to CLF?

We know our money is being used deliberately and effectively to solve problems and resolve issues about which we feel strongly. We are impressed and inspired by the capabilities of the CLF Board and attorneys, and appreciate the degree to which we are kept abreast of their work through special CLF events and communications.

What sets CLF apart from other environmental organizations in your area?

CLF understands the value of thinking ahead and planning strategically rather than reacting to issues after they have become insurmountable problems.

In terms of its effect upon your life, do you have a favorite CLF program, lawsuit or even personal experience?   

We are partial to the case brought by CLF to restore the alewife runs on the St Croix River in Maine, but we also appreciate that CLF prioritizes an overall energy policy, thinking deeply about why we would or would not want a large new transmission line or gas pipeline. We need CLF at the table when government representatives feel pressure from lobbyists and corporations whose interests aren’t necessarily in creating policy that favors the residents of Maine and New England. We are also partial to the Legal Food Hub. Maine has a strong and growing organic farming presence. The more assistance farmers receive, the better positioned they are to compete, to provide healthy local food to Mainers, and to preserve open land for farming.