Aug 08, 2019

Conservation Matters Summer 2019: Year in Review

CLF succeeds because we have people like you by our side. In this special annual report issue of Conservation Matters, we are honoring just a few of our many local heroes, people who have devoted their time, energy, and passion to defending our homes, protecting our children’s health, and supporting the vibrancy of our communities.

Jun 12, 2017

Thanks to Broad Support, Exit 4 Farmland Preserved in Entirety

“The iconic fields off Exit 4 are a central tenant of our state’s cultural identity, and thanks to the power of grassroots activism and strong advocacy, these fields will be a source of local, healthy food for generations to come,” said CLF senior attorney Sandra Levine.

Apr 18, 2017

Exit 4 Farmland Saved From Development, Sold Back to Farmers

“Today’s agreement is a massive victory for all Vermonters who take pride in our state’s rich farming heritage,” said CLF senior attorney Sandra Levine. “When you pull off this scenic highway exit, you should be greeted by sprawling fields and colorful produce, not bulldozers and industrial parks. Thanks to the hard work of all parties involved, this valuable farmland will be back where it belongs – in the hands of local farmers supported by, and providing for, our communities.”

Apr 18, 2017

Paving Vermont Farmland: Stopped!

Strong Advocacy Leads to Conservation Stopping sprawl in its tracks and keeping valuable farmland available for farmers to use has taken a huge leap forward. In 2016, following a year-long legal case led by CLF, a developer withdrew plans to build a massive, sprawling complex, including shopping, a hotel, a conference center, offices, and housing in… Continue reading Paving Vermont Farmland: Stopped!

Apr 18, 2017

Exit 4 Landowner Will Scrap Development Plans And Sell To Conservation Groups

A developer and conservation groups have reached an agreement that will preserve prime agricultural land at Exit 4 on Interstate 89, ending a controversial plan to build a large development at the Randolph Exit. “This a tremendous victory for everyone who cares deeply about farming in Vermont and for the natural beauty we have here,”… Continue reading Exit 4 Landowner Will Scrap Development Plans And Sell To Conservation Groups

Jan 28, 2016


Vermont doesn’t have a lock on stunning natural settings, but, really, does it get any better than what we have every day? From rugged Camel’s Hump to iconic Lake Champlain, our rural villages to our compact cities, Vermont is our home and it’s the place CLF has pledged to protect with all the passion and expertise that we have.

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