Thanks to Broad Support, Exit 4 Farmland Preserved in Entirety

Surge in donations helped save this valuable land

June 12, 2017 (RANDOLPH, VT) – Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), Preservation Trust of Vermont (PTV), and Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC) announced today that the entirety of the farmland and open space off Vermont’s I-89 Exit 4 will be protected from development, putting valuable, public space and fertile soil back in the hands of Vermont farmers and the local community. Two months ago, CLF, PTV, VNRC, and the Castanea Foundation announced an agreement with developer Jesse Sammis to buy 150 acres of property in order to sell it back to the local farming community, with the option to purchase his remaining 22 acres for one million dollars within two months. Thanks to a fundraising push by these groups along with the Exit 4 Open Space citizens group, today that fundraising target was reached ahead of schedule.

“The iconic fields off Exit 4 are a central tenant of our state’s cultural identity, and thanks to the power of grassroots activism and strong advocacy, these fields will be a source of local, healthy food for generations to come,” said CLF senior attorney Sandra Levine.

The Exit 4 Open Space citizens group recently released this video highlighting the unique character of this bucolic Exit 4 land.

Paul Bruhn, Executive Director of PTV, commented, “The outpouring of public support we’ve seen for protecting and preserving this splendid piece of Vermont’s scenic landscape is truly inspiring.”

More information on the April agreement with Sammis is available here.

CLF experts are available for further comment.