LePage Administration Yields to CLF Call for Transparency, but with a Catch
by Greg Cunningham

In an ongoing battle between the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and the Administration of Governor Paul LePage over the release of public documents related to his regulatory reform proposals and “red tape audits,” the LePage Administration Thursday relented and agreed with CLF’s legal conclusion that Maine’s Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) requires the Governor’s office to disclose documents related to the development of his regulatory agenda and staffing that were generated during his post-election transition.

Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST) Submits Bill Request to 125th Legislature
by Claire Morgenstern

The Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST), a statewide coalition of which CLF is a member, has submitted a proposal to increase commuter transit options, reduce household expenditures on gasoline and diesel, increase employment opportunities and productivity and reduce government expenditures by expanding the routes of the highly-successful ZOOM Turnpike Express bus services along the Maine Turnpike corridor. The program would also establish a fund for the improved maintenance of Maine’s roadways.

The Wheels on the Bus go ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!
by Jane West

Let’s say you are a state agency tasked with making a tough choice on how to spend your money. Your options are:
a. Spend $150 million on widening 9 miles of highway despite the fact that volume has waned;
b. Spend $56 million on building another toll booth;
c. Spend $3.8 million on expanding an existing, highly successful bus service that will benefit thousands of commuters.

You DO need an engineer to tell you that we can handle it if the wind blows (and makes lots of electricity)
by Seth Kaplan

CLF is a founding member of Renewable Energy New England (RENEW), a collaborative between the renewable energy industry and the environmental community.  After ISO-NE (the operator of the New England electricity grid) gave a press briefing about a report on “wind integration” yesterday, RENEW issued the following statement, check it out: Renewable Energy New England…