Conservation Matters Fall 2016

Celebrating 50 Years of CLF

  • Going Low-Carb
    Transforming New England’s Energy System
    Coal-Free New England
    Community Voices: The Clean Energy Landscape
  • Web of Deceit
    Holding ExxonMobil Accountable for Its Decades of Climate Denial
    Community Voices: A Message to ExxonMobil
    A Tale of Two Rivers
  • Boston Harbor 2.0
    The New Frontier in the Fight to Save Boston Harbor
    From the Trenches: Peter Shelley
    Swimmable, Fishable, Drinkable Water for All
  • Our Changing Ocean
    Climate Impacts in Motion
    50 Years of Key Oceans Victories
    Community Voices: Planning for the Future
  • The Legal Food Hub
    Local Food, Local Farms, and Lawyers Lending a Hand
    Food Hub Success
  • A Model Investment
    Building Healthy Communities One Neighborhood at a Time
  • 2015 Fiscal Year in Review
  • A Travel Guide to CLF’s New England