Clean Air Act

Tell Scott Pruitt: You Can’t Repeal and Replace Clean Air and Clean Water
by Carol Gregory

Back in February, President Trump issued an executive order requiring government agencies to review and evaluate all existing regulations on the books. This is all in service to an earlier executive order that says federal agencies must axe two regulations for each new one they create. We have an opportunity right now to speak up…

Explaining The Central Landfill: Why it Matters
by Taylor Hay

Central Landfill has been allowed to pollute our local air for so long that it’s simply become the norm for too many of the people living in its shadow. The gases the landfill emits are not only bad for the physical health of its immediate neighbors, however. On a broad scale, fugitive emissions like the kind generated by the landfill contribute to global warming, which means they have real and lasting effects for people everywhere.

Holyoke’s Coal-Fired Mt. Tom Power Plant Announces Formal Shutdown Date
by Shanna Cleveland

Mt. Tom’s owners announced this summer that they would retire the 54-year-old coal plant, and yesterday, GDF Suez filed the official request with the electric system operator to retire this last Massachusetts coal-fired power plant by June 2018. This is great news for the residents who have breathed the pollution from Mt. Tom since it first…

CLF Files Citizen Suit for Clean Air Act Violations at RI’s Central Landfill
by Max Greene

Today CLF filed a citizen suit against the owners and operators of the Central Landfill in Johnston, Rhode Island, for releasing polluted landfill gas into Rhode Island’s air in violation of the Clean Air Act. Landfill gas poses risks to human health, causes foul odors, and contributes to climate change. Read on for a summary…

CLF’s Case Against PSNH’s Coal Plant for Clean Air Act Violations Moves Forward
by Christophe Courchesne

Yesterday, CLF won a resounding early victory in our 2011 federal lawsuit against Merrimack Station, Public Service of New Hampshire’s (PSNH) coal-fired power plant in Bow, for blatant violations of the federal Clean Air Act. The impetus for our suit dates back to 2008 and 2009, when PSNH made major upgrades to Merrimack Station that allowed…

Accomplishing Good Things Quietly: CLF On New England’s Electricity Grid
by Jerry Elmer

As New England’s leading environmental organization, CLF has more than 60 staff people who work every day for healthy communities, clean water, and to reduce carbon emissions that cause climate change. Sometimes we win big victories that make headlines, like when my colleague, Shanna Cleveland, won a major victory in federal court that required the…

Storm Clouds Gather Over Brayton Point
by Caitlin Peale Sloan

Coal-fired power is dying, not only across the nation, but across New England as well.  The region’s coal-fired power plant fleet has started to succumb to the costs of operating a coal-fired dinosaur in the age of energy efficiency, growing renewable electricity generation, and–for now–low natural gas prices. Predominantly coal-fired Brayton Point Station in Somerset,…