CLF and Cronin Group Reach Settlement on Public Benefits for 150 Seaport Project

Agreement includes greater public access, additional resources for a waterfront park, and a new public dock

January 25, 2018 (BOSTON, MA) – Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) announced today it has reached a settlement agreement with Cronin Holdings regarding the development of the 150 Seaport Boulevard project that will increase public access to the Waterfront, add a new public dock to the waterfront, and jump-start the creation of a new public park in South Boston.

“A project that had been a battleground will now create common ground,” said CLF president Bradley Campbell, “and Jon Cronin deserves credit for resolving differences with CLF in favor of expanded public access to the waterfront. CLF spent decades and taxpayers have spent billions of dollars transforming Boston Harbor from an open sewer to a natural treasure and an engine of new growth. This settlement honors those public investments and makes clear that greater public access can go hand-in-hand with new development.”

The public benefits agreed to in the settlement include:

  • Cronin Group will increase by 60 percent the portion of the project footprint permanently dedicated to public use and enjoyment.
  • Cronin Group will build and maintain a dock dedicated exclusively to public use and enjoyment at the site, which will be at least equal in size and capacity to the dock at Boston’s Pier 4.
  • Cronin Group will establish a fund for the development of a new public waterfront park in South Boston, to be funded by annual payments from Cronin Group over 35 years totaling more than $13.1 million. CLF and the Cronin Group will jointly advocate for the City of Boston to establish the park.
  • Cronin Group will provide yearly funding for the length of the 65-year permit term for Boston Harbor Now (BHN) to give waterfront experiences to disadvantaged children from the City of Boston, funding that will total more than $5.4 million.

As part of the settlement, CLF has agreed to withdraw its pending challenges to the project.

Campbell added, “We look forward to working with Jon Cronin, Mayor Walsh, and city officials in selecting a new park site that best suits the mayor’s ‘Imagine Boston 2030’ vision for the city.”

Bradley Campbell is available for further comment.