Vermont Legislature Fails to Override Bottle Bill Veto

Gov. Scott opposed much-needed reforms

A person places a plastic water bottle into a bottle redemption machine.

Photo: Shutterstock

January 23, 2024 (MONTPELIER, VT) – Vermont’s legislature has failed to override Governor Scott’s veto of an update to the state’s bottle bill. The legislation, passed in June, would have expanded the types of bottles accepted for redemption and provided much needed support to struggling redemption center businesses. Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement in response.

“Single-use containers are a scourge on our communities and choke our waters with litter,” said Nora Bosworth, Zero Waste Attorney at CLF. “Updated bottle and can redemption systems are a proven way to reduce plastic pollution and ensure that these materials are recycled into new products. Vermont has missed a serious opportunity to slash pollution and protect our environment today.”

CLF experts are available for further comment.