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Great Bay Estuary (click to enlarge).

Spanning the New Hampshire and Maine border, the Great Bay estuary is a natural treasure in the heart of New Hampshire’s seacoast region. Great Bay is home to numerous fish and bird species and provides spectacular fishing, boating and hiking opportunities. While its ecological and recreational value is immeasurable, its future is uncertain.

Pollution is pushing the Great Bay estuary toward a tipping point. Eelgrass – underwater plants that are the cornerstone of the estuary’s ecosystem – are declining in Great Bay and have entirely disappeared in the Piscataqua River and other waters within the estuary. Oyster populations have declined precipitously. Nitrogen pollution from sewage treatment plants and stormwater has increased, straining an already fragile resource.

The Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper is focused on solving these problems by:

  • Building a strong local voice for the Great Bay estuary;
  • Advancing needed policies and innovative solutions;
  • Being the “eyes and ears” for the Great Bay estuary and ensuring that it benefits from the full protections of the Clean Water Act and other environmental laws.

To ensure a more vibrant future for the bay, we need to work together. To that end, we hope you’ll use this website to:

Meet Your Waterkeeper

Meet Your Waterkeeper

Jeff Barnum is the Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper with Conservation Law Foundation New Hampshire.

More about Jeff >>

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