The End of Nuclear in Vermont

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant loomed over the small town of Vernon for decades, spewing pollution into the ground and into the Connecticut River and raising concerns about the safety of its continued operation. CLF spent more than 10 years on the front lines fighting to shut the aging plant down, until it finally closed its doors for good in late 2014.

CLF in Action

Vermont Yankee was an old and tired plant, with a history of leaks, broken promises, poor management, and false testimony by its owners. The state was saddled with this poorly managed, uneconomic dinosaur for far too long, enduring environmental damage and the persistent threats to public health and safety that come with operating a nuclear power plant well beyond its planned life.

Throughout the past decade, CLF added a strong voice to those calling for the state to shutter Vermont Yankee. We pushed to ensure state regulators, courts, legislatures, federal agencies, and blue ribbon commissions commissions looked closely at the plant’s problems with water pollution and management, in addition to the poor economics of the plant operation. Our advocacy built on our history of holding states and power plant owners responsible for acting in the best interest of the families and business owners who bear the costs for expensive, polluting power.

See a complete timeline of our actions to shut Vermont Yankee down for good.