Protecting the Charles River from Stormwater Pollution

The Charles River today is an incredible recreational and ecological resource flowing through the heart of Boston and surrounding communities. On any given summer day, you’ll see scores of people sailing, boating, kayaking, and fishing its waters. But for all the progress made in cleaning up the iconic river in recent decades, significant threats to its health remain.

CLF in Action

CLF and the Charles River Watershed Association are calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to uphold the Clean Water Act and require large, privately owned stormwater polluters to obtain permits for their polluted stormwater discharge.

We are suing EPA for their lax enforcement of the law. A successful outcome to this lawsuit will mean that hundreds of commercial, industrial, and institutional polluters will finally be required to obtain permits. Those permits would not only control the stormwater pollution those businesses can discharge, but also ensure they are paying their fair share of the costs for its management.