Saving Cape Cod’s Bays

Nitrogen pollution is driving Cape Cod’s waters to the brink of ecological disaster. After years of fighting to make the Environmental Protection Agency step up and take action, last year we celebrated a clean water milestone, but the real work of saving the Cape’s bays has just begun.

CLF in Action

Prompted by CLF’s 2011 lawsuit against EPA over its 30 years of inaction to fix the Cape’s nutrient pollution crisis, in 2015, the Cape Cod Commission revised the Areawide Waste Management Plan for the region. This updated plan – the first revision in more than 20 years – marked a major step forward in addressing the region’s nutrient pollution problem.

Creating and approving the plan was just the start, however – now local towns and Cape Cod Commission need to put it into action before it’s too late to save the Cape’s fragile waters. We’re cautiously optimistic as we keep a watchful eye on the critical first years of the plan’s implementation.