Protecting a Remarkable Habitat from Mounting Threats

The Great Bay estuary lies at the heart of what makes New Hampshire’s Seacoast and southern Maine so special. This remarkable resource is in jeopardy – pollution is pushing the estuary toward a tipping point, degrading its health and its habitats and threatening traditional activities like fishing and oystering.

CLF in Action

As advocate, convener, and watchdog, the Great Bay–Piscataqua Waterkeeper® plays a unique role in protecting and restoring the estuary. Our Waterkeeper is on the ground in communities across the region working to:

  • Build a stronger voice for the estuary by mobilizing local citizens through our Clean Water Advocates for Great Bay and educating the public about the estuary’s value and the threats it faces.
  • Secure protections for the estuary by pushing for needed upgrades of outdated sewage treatment plants.
  • Advance innovative solutions for the estuary such as exploring opportunities to reduce stormwater pollution.
  • Act as the estuary’s “eyes and ears” by getting on the water in our Waterkeeper vessel to guard against illegal pollution and other threats.

Meet our Waterkeeper

Melissa Paly is our Great Bay–Piscataqua Waterkeeper. Learn more about Melissa and keep up with her on Twitter.  twitter-icon1