Clean Water

Guest Blog: Water, Water, Everywhere
by Conservation Law Foundation

Eric Neilsen is a photographer and environmentalist living in Castleton, VT.  He served as an advanced water quality monitor volunteer with Texas stream team. Learn more at As I begin to explore paddling opportunities available to me from my new home in Castleton, Vermont, I am truly optimistic that the huge piles of trash that…

Volunteers Come Together on Great Bay
by Jeff Barnum

Last week, two dozen enthusiastic and very capable volunteers from Timberland joined me and other kayakers to remove debris from the shores of Little Bay. Staff from Seven Rivers Paddling in Newmarket supplied kayaks and expertise. Staging for the event was arranged by Sean McKenna at Great Bay Marine in Newington. This was the second…

News Clips
After 30 Years, Court Marks Boston Harbor Cleanup

… “There were a lot of secondary challenges,” Shelley said. “At the time, I don’t think anyone had full knowledge of how badly the system had fallen. . . . We had no sense of how big of a mountain we were looking at in terms of the challenges, and no one understood it was going to…

Blue-Green Algae in the Forecast
by Rebekah Weber

So far this summer, we’ve seen an unusually high number of beach closures in Vermont. Our waters are plagued with toxic blue-green algae blooms that can cause skin irritation, liver damage, and perhaps even neurological disease. Beyond health concerns, parents report kids and pets are on the brink of mutiny from being denied access to…

MBTA Fails Its Low-Income and Riders of Color
by Kathleen Nay

When the MBTA cut its late-night service in March, it left many riders who relied on the service stranded. The cut means that those of us with third-shift jobs – in the healthcare, service, and entertainment industries, for example – can no longer get to work on the bus or train. That almost 60% of MBTA…

Putting a Price Tag On Clean Water
by Rebekah Weber

Vermonters are tired of polluted water. The beach closures, sick dogs, and lowered property values are an ever-growing cause for concern. And now, a recent report has found that the majority of Vermonters are willing to shell out for clean water. A team of researchers at the University of Vermont analyzed the results of two…

Can Eelgrass Help in the Fight Against Climate Change?
by Ben Levenson

When showing visitors around the Great Bay estuary in CLF’s Great Bay–Piscataqua Waterkeeper vessel, it can be challenging to drum up enthusiasm for eelgrass. This unique type of seagrass resides beneath the surface of the water and is hard to see. But this amazing organism plays a major role in the health of the estuary’s…