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Why We Should Modernize Our Electric Grid

Bethany Kwoka | @bkwoka

Our electricity grid was designed over 100 years ago. But times have changed. Today, clean, renewable energy can be harnessed right where we live, so electricity doesn’t have to come from polluting power plants miles away. But we have to update our grid to take advantage of it.

Technology will let us modernize our grid for the 21st century. We can now create a smart grid – a smarter system for making, delivering, and using energy. A smart grid will give us more control over our energy use. For instance, setting appliances to run when energy prices are low, or getting power from local, clean energy sources.

Modernizing our grid is a crucial investment in our future. It will give us more control over our power, and save us all money in the long run. Plus, it offers an innovative, clean solution to climate-damaging pollution. We have the technology to do this now – so why are we waiting?

Help us spread the word about our electricity grid: Watch and share our video on why we need to modernize our electricity grid. 

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