New Hampshire Pilots Residential Battery Storage Program

Agreement would save customers money and reduce climate-damaging emissions

November 20, 2018 (CONCORD, NH) – Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), Liberty Utilities, NH Public Utilities Commission staff, and others have filed a settlement agreement that, if approved, will launch the state’s first residential battery storage program.

“This program will provide a much-needed reduction in our use of the electric grid when prices and pollution are at their highest levels,” said Melissa Birchard, Senior Attorney at CLF. “Storing energy inside New Hampshire homes will allow families to keep their lights on when storms inevitably hit, and will save money on electricity bills. This is a win-win that encourages the installation of rooftop solar in the state and reduces the need for costly transmission infrastructure. The agreement should be approved by the Public Utilities Commission.”

Under the program, Liberty and private companies will install 1000 batteries in New Hampshire homes over several years. The batteries can be charged using rooftop solar, and they will be used for two main purposes: to help customers keep the lights on at home after a storm, and to avoid importing electricity from the regional grid when prices (and pollution) spike. The agreement requires approval from the Public Utilities Commission before it is implemented.

The agreement can be found here.

CLF experts are available for further comment.