NH House Passes Irresponsible Waste Bill

Pile of Plastic Bottles

May 4, 2022 (CONCORD, NH) – The New Hampshire House of Representatives has passed SB 367, a so-called “advanced recycling” bill that would exempt plastic burning facilities from solid waste regulations, allowing them to be built with minimum oversight. Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement in response.

Our representatives let us down today,” said CLF attorney Peter Blair. “This effort disguises burning plastic as recycling and will spread toxic pollution into New Hampshire’s communities while keeping single-use plastic in production. Governor Sununu must veto this naked attempt to prop up the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our health.”

“Advanced recycling” is a term coined by the plastic and fossil fuel industry that refers to technologies that use high-heat processes like pyrolysis and gasification to break down plastic waste into a combination of gas, liquid chemicals, and hazardous waste. While the industry claims that these materials are used to make new plastics there is no evidence to support that claim. Instead, these materials are burned creating harmful air pollution and greenhouse gasses.

CLF experts are available for further comment.