Transforming Our Transportation Systems

Cars, trucks, and buses are the biggest source of climate pollution in New England. To solve the climate crisis, we need to change the way we move people and goods. Our transportation systems also pollute our air and fail to serve everyone equally.

CLF in Action

CLF is tackling transportation from all sides. We’re working across the region to phase out polluting gas guzzlers by ensuring state climate plans include ambitious targets for electric vehicles. We’re also pushing our utilities to plan ahead – making sure our electric grid is prepared for an influx of electric cars, trucks, and buses.

At the same time, CLF is standing alongside community groups to ensure that clean, healthy, and affordable transit options are available to everyone. In Massachusetts, we’re advocating for low-income transit fares and electrified buses and trains. And, in our northern New England states, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, we’re researching what transportation options would most benefit local communities.