North Atlantic Right Whales in Peril 

North Atlantic right whales are one step away from extinction. But it’s not too late – we can still help this endangered species make a comeback. Human-made threats are the primary cause of right whale deaths. We need all hands on deck to save right whales, right now.

CLF in Action

Protecting the North Atlantic right whale is up to us. Deadly entanglements with fishing gear and collisions with ships and boats are pushing this fragile species to extinction.

That’s why CLF has ramped up our efforts in the fight to save right whales. We are using the law to force federal regulators to take urgent action to protect this magnificent species. 

It’s not just the right thing to do – it’s the law. Federal agencies have a legal duty to protect North Atlantic right whales from human-caused threats, and CLF will hold them accountable.

What’s at Stake

With barely 340 whales remaining on the planet, even one death threatens the species’ existence. Tragically, 91 right whales have been killed or injured since 2017 alone – creating an urgent crisis that requires an all-hands-on-deck approach.

We know that entanglement in fixed fishing gear such as lobster pots, gillnets, and hook-and-line gear accounts for more than 50% of right whale deaths. Collisions with boats and ships are also a deadly threat to their survival. Given an already decimated population, these human-caused harms are unacceptable. These threats are also preventable.

CLF will continue to hold the federal government accountable for its duty to protect right whales from harm caused by commercial fishing gear and collisions with vessels. And we will push for more collaboration and action from all key players to do whatever it takes to restore the right whale population to healthy and thriving numbers. Extinction is forever – and we will not let the magnificent North Atlantic right whale disappear on our watch.