Cutting Carbon Pollution

We only have a few years to slash climate-damaging emissions before we face the most devastating effects of climate change. Leading scientists agree: We must drastically drop carbon pollution to net zero by 2050. We can meet this target by urgently developing more clean energy.

CLF In Action

New Englanders need clean energy, and we need it now. CLF played a critical part in passing state laws that mandate cuts to climate-damaging emissions. Now, we are holding our decision-makers accountable for meeting those targets – because without action, these laws are just empty promises. It’s time to implement New England’s climate laws by developing clean energy resources and leaving polluting power plants behind – for the sake of our health and future.

At the same time, CLF is fighting to make sure that the solutions our states invest in actually slash climate pollution – not make it worse like the alternative fuels Big Oil and Gas are greenwashing as renewable.

What’s at Stake

From poor air quality to extreme rainfall and flooding, New Englanders are already feeling the effects of climate change. We’re at a critical point for defending our environment, and it will take systemic changes to avoid further harm to our families and businesses.

Climate change is a problem of outdated systems. We can’t let corrupt energy corporations or complicit politicians continue to force toxic pollution on New Englanders for financial gain. That includes the fossil fuel industry trying to maintain the status quo through alternative fuels that still pollute our earth and our climate. It’s time for us to fight for the clean energy future that will buoy our economy and slow the progression of global warming.

The alternative is subjecting New England’s families, businesses, and homes to worsening storms, heat waves, and health crises. We must act now, cutting carbon pollution to net-zero by 2050 to protect a livable New England for our children, their children, and generations to come.