Cutting Carbon Pollution

We only have a few years to slash climate-damaging emissions or face the most devastating effects of climate change. Leading scientists agree: We must drastically drop carbon pollution to zero by 2050.

The alternative is subjecting our families, businesses, and homes to worsening storms, heat waves, and health crises.

CLF In Action

CLF is helping local leaders step up. We’re pushing for strong, enforceable climate laws in every state, tackling carbon pollution from transportation, and fighting for equitable energy efficiency programs across the region.

By fighting for powerful laws to curtail climate-damaging emissions and promote clean energy solutions, CLF is protecting our environment, safeguarding our energy future, and bringing jobs to New England.

What’s at Stake

From warmer waters in the Gulf of Maine reducing lobster catches to hotter summers expanding the population ranges for dangerous ticks, New Englanders are already feeling the effects of climate change. We’re at a critical point for defending our environment, and it will take systemic changes to avoid further harm to our families and businesses.

Climate change is a problem of broken, outdated systems. We can’t let dirty energy corporations or lazy politicians continue to force toxic pollution on the world for their own financial gain. It’s time for us to fight back and fight for the green energy future that will buoy our economy and halt the progression of global warming.

With the Paris Agreement, nations pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius. But now, we know the tipping point that will cause massive climate catastrophe is only 1.5 degrees – and that point will be here sooner than we thought. We must act now, cutting carbon pollution to zero by 2050 protect New England for our children, their children, and generations to come.