We are Drowning in Single-Use Packaging

For ages, Big Corporations have blamed the influx of trash tainting the earth on consumers, saying we need to recycle more. But today’s throw-away culture exists because Big Corporations choose to make single-use products and packaging that cannot be recycled.

CLF in Action

While we, as consumers, try and do our best to recycle, much of what we put in our bins actually ends up in a landfill or incinerator. The problem is that Big Corporations keep churning out a flood of single-use packaging that’s drowning our environment. And the bill to manage their waste is paid for by our cities and towns.

CLF is taking action to hold Big Corporations accountable for the trash they create. Alongside partners across New England, CLF is drafting and advocating for legislation called Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging. If put into practice, this law would require Big Corporations that make and use single-use packaging to reimburse cities and towns for the cost of managing their trash. By putting the responsibility back on Big Corporations, it incentivizes them to redesign their packaging to be truly recyclable or better yet, reusable.