Going Low-Carb

New England is on the verge of breaking our addiction to climate-polluting coal and oil. But another dirty fossil fuel – natural gas – is now vying for dominance of New England’s energy mix. What New Englanders need today are low- and no-carbon energy sources, not another dirty fossil fuel.

CLF in Action

CLF is working to protect communities across New England from footing the bill for unnecessary new pipelines and dirty power plants. These massive investments in natural gas would lock us into an unhealthy reliance on polluting fossil fuels for generations to come – long past the time when science says we need to quit dirty energy for good.

In Massachusetts, CLF took its case against the gas industry – and state regulatory agencies – to the Supreme Judicial Court, which agreed that the industry’s financing scheme for new pipelines was illegal. This decision, soon echoed in other New England states, helps to weaken the business case for new pipelines. CLF also played a key role in preventing the Kinder Morgan and Access Northeast natural gas pipelines from tearing through New England communities, helping save electricity customers an estimated $6 billion. These victories send an important signal to the gas industry, but our work is not done.

At the same time, CLF is working to ensure that proposed new natural gas power plants don’t sink New England’s efforts to slash climate-damaging emissions regionwide. We’re fighting proposed plants in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut to ensure we can keep the lights on without dimming our climate future.