Black Lives Matter

CLF stands with those calling for an end to police brutality against the Black community

CLF stands with those affected by the deep-seated racism in our society. Racial justice is at the heart of climate justice, and we fight for both. Photo: pcruciatti via Shutterstock

CLF published the blog below in 2020 following the horrific murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. In recent weeks, the names – Tyre Nichols, Keenan Anderson, among others – have been different but the news is the same: the murder of Black people perpetrated by the police. We are troubled to have to reshare this blog but recognize that the fight for justice continues – and we each must do our part.

All of us at CLF are reeling from and sharing in the national outrage over the murders and persecution of Black people perpetrated and condoned by the police and other state actors.

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are among the most recent victims, but the lethal expression of white supremacy has been ubiquitous in our nation’s history and continues to shape its policies. We’ve seen this take the form of unlawful yet state-sanctioned killings, the polluting of Black and brown communities, the suppression of voters of color, and countless other pervasive injustices ingrained in our legal and social structures.

CLF stands with those affected by the deep-seated racism in our society. Racial justice is at the heart of climate justice, and we fight for both. After decades of racist policies, Black and brown communities are the most likely to be living on the frontlines of climate impacts and are disproportionately affected by pollution. Dirty power plants are more often built in these neighborhoods, and freeways belching pollution are more likely to run through them. Not only are they unfairly, violently policed, but these communities are not allowed the self-agency they need to thrive.

This all must change.

As we collectively reflect on the most recent and the more longstanding instances of racial hatred and violence, we recommit to educating ourselves on issues of systemic racism and to using our privilege to fight for a healthy, thriving New England for all of its residents.

We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, partners, and communities in calling for an end to police brutality and racial injustice.

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The following organizations are among those doing incredible work to support Black and brown communities in New England. We encourage you to click to learn more about their work in your state. (We recognize there are many more organizations that we could highlight – these are just a few.)



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The following organizations work nationally. We invite you to learn more and support their work. 

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