New Hampshire’s Energy Future at Risk

Northern Pass Transmission LLC wants to build one of the largest electric transmission projects in New Hampshire’s history – a 192-mile line to deliver into New England 1,090 megawatts of electricity from Hydro-Québec’s hydro-power facilities. The proposed project will profoundly affect our landscape and our communities – putting local, clean renewables at risk.

CLF in Action

CLF is working to ensure that clean energy projects across New England do the most good and least harm for our climate and our communities – including emitting the lowest greenhouse gas emissions possible.

The Northern Pass project fails to meet this test. It will make us reliant on big, carbon-emitting Canadian hydropower, undermining the market for New England’s own home-grown, zero-carbon renewable energy. And the construction of enormous new transmission towers will spoil some of New Hampshire’s most scenic and sensitive areas.

Over the years, we’ve made the case to regulators, our Congressional delegation, and in the media that we need a regional plan to assess the extent to which we need Canadian hydropower in New England – a critical, threshold question that should be considered in matters involving Northern Pass. We’re currently actively engaged in the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee’s review of the project, as well as the Department of Energy’s federal permitting process.