CLF says legal action possible against Coakley Landfill Group

The Conservation Law Foundation official has not ruled out taking legal action against the Coakley Landfill Group.

Tom Irwin, vice president and director of CLF New Hampshire, said “it’s an option we’ve not dismissed” when asked during an editorial board meeting Wednesday if it’s something CLF has considered. “I’ll just say it’s a possibility at this time,” Irwin added.

Jeff Barnum, CLF’s Great Bay-Piscataqua waterkeeper, said he believes there’s a link “between the (Pease) Air Force Base and the Coakley landfill” when it comes to the PFCs found in residential wells.

He noted that after CLF found PFCs in surface water near the landfill at levels higher than the EPA’s groundwater standard, the N.H. Department of Environmental Services took its own tests and found even higher levels. Barnum contends “there’s no question” the PFCs are coming from the landfill, a Superfund cleanup site in North Hampton and Greenland.

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