Maine Legislature Passes Bill to Address Community Concerns in Dangerous Landfill Expansion 

Bill also forces Casella to treat landfill leachate for toxic forever chemicals

Maine Statehouse.

APRIL 10, 2024 (PORTLAND, ME) – The Maine legislature passed a bill today to ensure community members’ concerns about health and environmental threats are heard in the decision to expand Casella’s Juniper Ridge Landfill. The bill, LD 2135, also requires Casella to treat the landfill leachate for toxic PFAS, which poisons the nearby Penobscot River. Conservation Law Foundation released the following statement in response.   

“We can’t let polluters trample on the public’s right to oppose projects that put their health and environment at risk,” said CLF attorney Nora Bosworth. “This law ensures communities get a chance to make their voices heard and places critical safeguards around Casella’s dangerous plans to expand this landfill.” What’s more, “preventing these forever chemicals from continuing to poison the Penobscot River means protecting a water source sacred to the culture and livelihood of the Penobscot Nation.” 

Casella tried to extend their operation of Juniper Ridge Landfill before their proposed expansion underwent public input and review from the state. This bill also forces Casella to operate the landfill with more transparency and oversight. Mainers harmed by Casella’s polluting landfills have been seeking this type of protection and enforcement for years. CLF will continue working with our community partners to fight the proposed expansion of this polluting landfill.  

Experts are available for further comment.