Why We Need to Ditch Fracked Gas Immediately

New England relies too much of fracked gas, a dangerous and climate-damaging fossil fuel.

Here in New England, we rely too much on fracked gas to heat and power our homes and businesses. Some claim it’s a clean energy source. But it’s actually a dirty and dangerous fossil fuel in its own right. If we want to avoid a climate catastrophe, we need to end fossil fuel use by 2050.

That means no more oil. No more coal. No more gas.

But the gas industry and its allies want us to think that without their polluting product we won’t be able to keep our lights on. Really, they just want to build another massive pipeline and line their investor’s pockets at our expense. Because it’s all of us who would pay the billions their pipeline will cost. But our climate can’t afford more gas, and we don’t need it anyway.

It’s time to focus on real sources of clean energy. Wind and solar power are already growing here in New England. And with a little hard work, we can help them overtake gas. But it’ll take smart policies, the right business incentives, forward planning, and your support – putting public pressure on businesses and lawmakers to say no to Big Gas.

Together we can clean up our energy, and keep it clean for generations to come. If we want to hit zero climate-damaging emissions by 2050, we need to start now.

Watch and share the video above to learn how you can help New England ditch fracked gas and create a future built on clean, safe energy. You can also sign our pledge to stand with CLF and say NO to Big Gas.

Because if we act today, we can thrive tomorrow.

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