Electric Cars: The Future of Transportation

Adopting more electric cars, trucks, and buses can help drop our climate-damaging emissions

electric cars promise to be the future of transportation

Electric cars, trucks, and buses promise to be the future of transportation.

The use of electric cars, trucks, and buses is on the rise. And that’s good, since nearly 30% of climate-damaging emissions nationwide come from transportation. (That percentage is even higher in New England states like Massachusetts.) Switching to electric cars and powering them with clean energy like solar and wind will slash our emissions and help us avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Why You Should Go Electric

  1. Public Health. Electric cars don’t spew the tailpipe pollution that’s linked to asthma, heart attacks, poor health, and premature death. Electric cars, trucks, and buses also don’t release unhealthy tailpipe pollution while idling in your neighborhood, stuck in traffic.
  2. Affordability. Electric cars are less expensive to fuel and maintain than traditional combustion engine vehicles. And as new models come out, costs to buy electric cars are plummeting.
  3. Growing Infrastructure. You can plug your car in right at home. And more and more areas have charging stations for when you’re on the go.
  4. Reliability and Flexibility. Electric cars require less maintenance than cars that use gasoline. New models hitting the market also offer more flexibility in terms of car size and style for your electric vehicle.

What You Can Do to Help Electric Cars

You can help these cars truly become the future of transportation in a few ways. To start, pledge to go electric when buying your next car! As well, demand electric options at your local dealership–so you can test drive one as well as purchase one the next time you’re in the market for a vehicle. Additionally, share the graphic below on social media so that everyone in your network can do the same.

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electric cars and trucks are the future of transportation

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