Driving Green in Electric Vehicles

By cleaning up the cars we drive – which make our air dirty and damage our climate – we can do good for the environment, the economy, and our communities. But electric vehicles need a helping hand to push this new technology over the tipping point.

CLF in Action

Four New England states – Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont – have already signed on to a landmark initiative with four other states to collectively put 3.3 million electric vehicles on the road by 2025, They have also pledged to develop the fueling infrastructure needed to support them.

But, while more drivers are going electric each year, a significant gap remains between state goals for the use of electric vehicles and their current rate of adoption.

In 2015, CLF, with our partners Sierra Club and Acadia Center, released a report that outlines actions that utilities, states, and the auto industry should take to boost electric cars across New England. Those actions include electric-car-friendly polices to make them more affordable and accessible to all drivers and new infrastructure along our highways that will make charging up your car on the go as easy as gassing it up today.

CLF will continue our push to support forward-looking initiatives to get our fleet of gas guzzlers off the road and new zero-emission electric cars in more driveways across the region.