Harnessing The Power of the Sun

Home-grown energy sources like solar create good local jobs and increase our energy security. They’re also key to ending our addiction to the dirty, outdated fossil-fuels that are damaging our climate.

CLF in Action

To slow climate change, we need to incentivize more clean energy development. Solar power is a critical component of our clean energy future.

Solar power is a renewable resource, meaning we will never use it up completely. And thanks to emerging battery storage technologies, we can set aside extra energy for days where we don’t generate enough from the sun. 

CLF has played a key role in growing New England’s solar power. We pushed policies that made installing solar panels more affordable for New Englanders. And we helped to pass state laws that mandate drastic cuts to climate-damaging emissions – with solar power being an integral part of their solutions. CLF is now working to strengthen government and utility incentives for deploying more solar power across New England.

What’s at Stake

New England’s energy system is in the midst of a radical transformation. We face continued pressure to hand over our fates to gas and other climate-damaging fuels. But relying on polluting fuels, the very same that got us into this crisis, will not help our region or our climate. Thanks partly to CLF’s advocacy, the last decade has seen major declines in our reliance on oil and coal as fuel sources – we’ve shut down nearly every coal plant in New England. At the same time, renewable energy sources have gained ground, with much more projected for the decade to come. This, together with ambitious state targets and aggressive investments in energy efficiency, is giving New Englanders an opportunity to break our addiction to fossil fuels for good and create a cleaner energy future for the entire region.