Soaking Up the Sun

Home-grown energy sources like solar create good local jobs, increase our energy security, and can help end our addiction to the dirty, outdated fossil-fuels that are damaging our climate.

CLF in Action

Retail net metering is the single most important driver behind anyone’s decision – whether a homeowner, business, or even a town – as to whether it makes financial sense to install solar panels.

With retail net metering – which allows panel owners to sell their extra energy back to their local utility company at a competitive rate – installing solar makes financial sense. But without it, the costs outweigh the benefits.

Here in New England, thanks to net metering policies pushed for by CLF, the costs for installing solar panels on rooftops and in sun-drenched fields have plummeted. As a result, the amount of local, sun-generated energy on our grid has soared. Home-grown energy that doesn’t pollute our air or climate and creates good-paying local jobs benefits all of us, not just those with panels on their roofs.

CLF is now working to strengthen those incentives and remove state-imposed caps that limit the amount of net metered electricity on the grid. We’re also working to improve the way solar owners are compensated for the electricity they sell back to utility companies – because transitioning our economy to one built on clean energy simply can’t wait.

What’s at Stake

New England’s energy system is in the midst of a radical transformation. Pressure is building to hang our energy future on natural gas. But relying on another polluting fossil fuel will hardly help our region meet our mandates to cut carbon emissions.

Thanks partly to CLF’s advocacy, the last decade has seen major declines in our reliance on oil and coal as fuel sources. At the same time, renewable energy sources have started to gain ground, with much more projected for the decade to come. This, together with ambitious state targets for renewable portfolio standards and aggressive investments in energy efficiency, is giving New Englanders an opportunity, now, to break our addiction to fossil fuels for good and create a greener, cleaner energy future for the entire region.