Harnessing the Wind

The time is now to chart a new course for New England’s energy future. Home-grown sources like wind energy and solar power can provide good local jobs, increase our energy security, and end our addiction to the dirty, outdated fossil fuels that are damaging our climate.

CLF in Action

With wind energy developed in the right way and in the right places, we can oust dirty, polluting fossil fuel power from New England for good. Wind is an essential building block of our clean energy future – one that’s good for our environment, protects our health, and creates well-paying jobs here at home.

CLF is working with policymakers and industry leaders to push for stronger policies and incentives that will bolster reliable and affordable wind power across New England. We’re advocating for clean energy bills in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and participating actively in the regional ocean planning process, which will identify areas best suited for offshore wind farms.

We also spearheaded efforts with wind developers and partner organizations to develop innovative agreements that protect marine areas and wildlife, including endangered North Atlantic right whales, when offshore wind projects are being built.

What’s at Stake

As old, polluting coal and nuclear power plants shut down across the region, we have an opportunity to transform New England’s energy mix to one built on clean, sustainable, and cost-effective energy. But pressure is building to hang our energy future on another dirty fossil fuel: natural gas. Canadian hydropower, too, has been hailed as a light at the end of the energy tunnel.

But as clean and efficient as they seem, natural gas and hydropower raise serious concerns. Natural gas infrastructure and extraction methods can impose devastating impacts on communities. These methods also emit methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. And new large-scale hydro projects emit at least as many greenhouse gases over their first 10 years as natural gas plants.

There is a better way. Large-scale renewable energy combined with new technologies like solar and wind can transform our energy system. Areas already designated for offshore wind development in the Atlantic could generate enough electricity to power every home in Massachusetts. Wind power is increasingly cost-competitive with other sources – and investing in offshore wind power means investing in New England, not sending our hard-earned dollars out of our region.